Animal Rescue Organizations in Vietnam

Many vegans want to spend time with

Animals when they come to Vietnam. There are great opportunities to do this in some incredible places in this stunning country. Our last post discussed how you might assess if a place meets a vegan’s high standards. Here’s a list of suggestions for you. We have a similar article for Thailand, in case you happen to be doing a big south-east Asia trip!

We want this post to be the ultimate guide for Vietnam, so if there is an organization that we have missed, let us know at [email protected]

Many of these organizations may not be vegan, but they are certainly trying to improve life for their animals and are trying to help, not exploit animals.

There are often many ways you can support them. Perhaps you can donate, visit, or volunteer. Please check their websites for precise information before you visit. Visits might only be under certain circumstances. If you really want to visit, but they are closed when you are there, try asking if a donation would open the door. Regular donors might get a private visit.

Vietnam Animal Aid and Rescue

This sanctuary for dogs, cats, and some farm animals requires volunteers in Hoi An in Central Vietnam and they are trying to do vegan advocacy as well as helping the animals in the area.

Vietnam Cat Welfare

This is in Hoi An and is open for visits at their 100% vegan Jack’s Cat Cafe Hoi An. There are volunteer opportunities as well. This lovely place is home to nearly 100 cats!



Visitors are invited to share their journey with family and friends by bringing them a gift from BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh: the Sanctuary’s own shop sells environmentally friendly and locally produced souvenirs. At BEAR SANCTUARY Ninh Binh, you can also savor traditional Vietnamese vegetarian and vegan dishes made with fresh, local ingredients at the onsite bistro and enjoy the tranquil views across the Sanctuary.

Green Viet

This is a Vietnamese organization that researches the Douc Langur and educates the local communities about this animal. It works hard to preserve the habitat of the Douc. Every Sunday, they take people from the local community to see the Doucs in the wild and teach them to value and appreciate these amazing creatures. While they do not have a formal tour for visitors from overseas, they might be able to do something if you ask them.

Arc Animal Rescue and Care

An organization based in Ho Chi Minh City in the south of Vietnam treats, spays, neuters, and re-homes animals in need. It’s run entirely by volunteers.

Vietnam Animals Compassion

A small rescue organization in Ho Chi Minh City for dogs and cats which does not promote visits and volunteers, you could enquire to see how you might help. A video of the shelter is here!

Animals Asia

This organization has a variety of projects including rescuing bears from the bear bile industry; ending the cat and dog meat trade and captive animal performances. You can volunteer or visit the sanctuaries.​

Endangered Primate Rescue Center

Based in Cuc Phong National Park, a few hours south of Hanoi, this group is dedicated to the rehabilitation, breeding, research, and conservation of Vietnam’s endangered primate species.

Paws for Compassion

Dedicated to raising animal awareness by providing information and an education program for Vietnamese children. Its mission is to improve the welfare of companion animals through education and rehabilitation. While they do not specifically discuss volunteer possibilities you are asked to reach out by email to see what possibilities there are.

We will update this list if you tell us of any places we’ve missed.​

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