Muriel Brun

Local guide: Alsace, France

Muriel Brun

Meet our local guide

Despite having cute villages everywhere, many framed by gorgeous wineries, with hilltop castles, scenic countryside vistas galore, and some of the best Christmas markets Europe has to offer, many of our travelers say that their trip’s highlight was…

… Muriel?!

Yep, our amazing local guide is as memorable as the higgledy-piggledy buildings that are synonymous with this region of France.  We have yet to stump her with a question about Alsace history or culture, and we can’t wait to try again.


Where to meet Muriel?

Alsace is not as popular a region of France with foreign tourists as Provence or Normandy, but that’s changing quickly.  While its Christmas markets — arguably some of the biggest and best in Europe — do attract a good crowd, Alsace also amazes with a unending plethora of amazing sightseeing spots.  Some of our favorites are:

  • Colmar, one of France’s prettiest town
  • Cute walled villages filled with half-timbered houses
  • Gorgeous vineyards everywhere
  • hilltop castles
  • stone-throw away from Germany’s beautiful Black Forest and Switzerland exciting Basel
  • when veganized, the local cuisine is rich and absolutely delicious!

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