Jennifer Hadley

Wildlife photographer

Jennifer Hadley

Wildlife photographer

Jennifer Haldey

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Prior to traveling the world and capturing stunning images of animals in their natural habitat, breathtaking landscapes, and the dynamic cultures which make up this beautiful planet, Jennifer had a successful career in corporate finance. She has always enjoyed photography but her passion for wildlife led her to realize that she could share these animals and their plight with a broader audience and convince people that they are worth fighting for. Her love for travel and taking the less beaten path lends itself perfectly to photographing wildlife, many of whom are on the brink of extinction. Her photographs take us to faraway places and her stories remind us of the fragility of the dwindling habitats for animals, the humans who fight to save them, and the hope that remains if we work together. Jennifer lives in Raleigh, NC with her husband, two kids, 4 dogs and 7 cats. You can see her work on her Instagram page.

Travel with Jennifer

What does Jennifer bring to each trip she travels on?  Here are a few extras:

  • a collection of professional wildlife photos at the end of the trip, for you to use as you wish!
  • 2 talks on photography: learn some valuable tricks of the trade, whether you’re an amateur or intermediate!
  • a photography-focused vehicle on all safari drives, led by Jennifer. This will allow photographers to take their time with each animal to get that perfect shot!
  • get one-on-one help and personal tips ​to increase your photography skills and take better pictures!
  • one personal safari photo of yourself (with your partner/friend) to make your friends jealous!

Visit Jennifer’s website to see more photos.

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