Why we love Vietnam

Before moving to Thailand, WVT’s founders, Seb and Brighde, lived and worked in Vietnam for four years, based in the capital Hanoi. They explored much of the country and were struck by how much Vietnam is a country of contrasts. While its tourist scene is less developed than Thailand, there are still incredible hotels, resorts, boats and trains where you can experience wonderful hospitality.

Vietnam is renowned for its remarkable fresh food, and our trips take full advantage of this. Expect a wide variety of herbs, amazing noodle soups (pho), stunning tropical fruits, and more. Everything is so healthy and delicious.

​Veganism (‘an chay’) is well understood in Vietnam, especially in more Buddhist areas like Hue and central Vietnam. If you’re in for an authentic and exotic vegan experience, Vietnam is your go to place.

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A picture of Hoi An in the wet season with the text: All Inclusive North & Central Vietnam Fall 2023 Coming Soon

Vegan North & Central Vietnam: A Culinary & Cultural Adventure

21-30 September, 2024
10 Days, 9 Nights
Group size: max 24
100% vegan Vietnamese cuisine
Visit a Moon Bear sanctuary
Overnight sailing on our private boat in magical Halong Bay

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