A bearded man looking at the camera with the Text: World Vegan Travel Podcast Season 4 episode 10 Sina Poureshagh. Five reasons to put Iran on your bucket list

S4 Episode 10 | Five Reasons Iran should be on your bucket list | Sina Poureshagh

Introducing Sina Poureshagh

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Sina, the owner of Iran Vegan Travel. Iran Vegan Travel is a tour operator you need to know about. Tours are run by accredited tour guide Sina and take vegans and the vegan-curious around the country of Iran! Doesn’t that blow your mind, that there there is a vegan tour operator in a country like Iran? 

I will freely admit, that I do not know much about Iran. Seb had a two-week visit there in the early 2000s and he would love to go back, and after listening to Sina talk today, I really would like to visit too. In this episode, you will find out about five reasons why Iran should be on your bucket list. From trying the Persian food that is actually really vegan-friendly depending on where you eat, the incredible natural and varied landscapes, and also the amazing diversity. We’ll even talk about safety. We really hope you enjoy this episode.

So, head over and check out Iran Vegan Travel and add Iran to your bucket list too.


  • 7:42 Let’s meet Sina
  • 10:47 Is Iran vegan-friendly?
  • 14:13 Iran’s vegan traditions
  • 17:03 Rich history and culture
  • 26:11 Diverse landscapes
  • 29:10 Iran is a safe place to visit
  • 36:21 What are Iran Vegan Tours like?
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This trip is still in the planning stage, but you can expect:

Scheduled for September 2025
100% vegan local French cuisine
stay in a château!
Visit castles and medieval villages
17,000 year-old prehistoric cave art
Visit & tasting at a Loire winery

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