Women with curly hair in front of a green background with the test: The World Vegan Travel Podcast Season 4 episode 15, France, not as unvegan friendly as you might think Natalie Lynch

S4 Ep 15 | France: Not as vegan unfriendly as you might think  | Natalie Lynch

Introducing Natalie

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Natalie Lynch, the owner of Cheval Blanc (the White Horse) which is an accommodation with a French cooking school attached. Natalie spent most of her life in the UK but ended up in this beautiful corner of southwest France eight years ago through a happy accident. Through her love of France, and the surrounding countryside she conducts classes on advanced vegan cookery, vegan french cuisine, and vegan cooking for beginners conducted over several days, and she even runs special events on foraging. Make sure you check Natalie and her cooking school out. We think heading to rural France for a foraging weekend sounds absolutely wonderful!

Natalie is going to be talking about the overall vegan scene in France and how it is getting friendlier and friendlier for vegans and sharing her tips and tricks on how to enjoy France as a vegan!


  • 4:33 Getting to know Natalie Lynch
  • 6:22 Where Saint Antoine is situated
  • 9:09 Cheval Blanc: B&B and vegan cooking school
  • 14:13 France is vegan friendlier now!
  • 20:00 Where to eat as a vegan
  • 22:19 Self-catering in France
  • 26:47 French vegan grocery stores
  • 28:57 Vegan accommodation in France
A view of Paris at dusk with a gargoyle. Text: LEarn about our vegan tours to France

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A pretty French village n the south-west of France
Credit: Cheval Blanc

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A vegan cheese french salad on a plate
Credit: Cheval Blanc
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