S 3 Ep 2 | Best DC Neighborhoods for Vegan Travelers | Tim Wright and Donna Zeigfinger

Introducing Tim Wright and Donna Zeigfinger

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to two guests! Firstly, we are talking with Tim from Attucks Adams who specializes in giving tours of Washington. Donna Zeigfinger is a vegan travel agent who is from this part of the world and she is also from the Washington DC area and they will be talking to us all about Washington DC.

So this is a really fun episode for pretty much everyone! For those of you who have visited DC before, chances are you have spent your time there at some incredible museums and sightseeing around the memorials and the iconic government buildings. There is honestly so much of this incredible stuff but there are some really interesting neighborhoods in DC. They have people living their lives and just like so many big cities DC is rich in culture, diversity, history, and character.

Tim and Donna are going to be sharing four neighborhoods in DC that have all that culture, diversity, and history in abundance. They will be sharing their favorite spots for entertainment, favorite lodgings, and of course where to go to get the best vegan food in each neighborhood.

Even if you have never visited DC before and intend to go to all the main sights, consider basing yourself in one of these neighborhoods so you can soak up more of what makes DC the fascinating city that it is. Consider this your guidebook for your next visit to DC.

Make sure you listen in, star these locations in Google Maps so you know where to head when you are next there and, share this with someone who is traveling to Washington DC to get all the recommendations from these vegan travel professionals who are long time DC residents.


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U Street


H Street North East


Notable Mentions (outside the city)

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