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On today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Alysa and Jack two plant-based twenty-somethings who decided to quit the 9-5 to see the world. They’re actively trying to travel as sustainably as possible, through a record of their carbon emissions, a vegan lifestyle, and eco-friendly experiences. This means we’re seeing the world slowly! They also have the most beautiful photos of their travels, especially romantic pictures. Alysa is a photographer and you can tell that she is committed to getting beautiful shots.


6:47: Where they have travelled together as a young travel
7:40: Tips for getting the perfect shot.
8:49: Mission of Voyaging Herbivores
12:00: Carbon offsetting – their commitment and their thoughts
20:30: Their plans for 2020!! Podcast recorded before COVID!
22:43: Tips for long term travel

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