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S3 Ep 8 | SheTravel, how to cultivate female empowerment through meaningful solo travel | Nicole Derseweh

Introducing Nicole Derseweh

In today’s episode, we’ll be talking to Nicole Derseweh a gutsy vegan solo traveler who has founded The Martha Project a nonprofit that provides plant-based meals and human connection to those without shelter in our local communities.  Now, I just have such wonderful guests on our podcast and you are definitely going to be inspired by Nicole’s work on The Martha Project, her passion and zeal for helping the houselessness community and her attitude to travel, and how it helped her heal from trauma.


  • 1:33 Some World Vegan Travel updates
  • 7:09 Introduction of Nicole
  • 8:50 What is The Martha Project?
  • 17:27 Why did Nicole decide to do solo travel
  • 22:12 Bali
  • 29:48 Greece
  • 32:10 Iceland
  • 34:17 She travel – How is it to travel as a solo woman?

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