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5 Photography Tips From Jennifer Hadley to Level Up Your Photos

Jennifer Hadley, a wildlife photographer who first came on our Rwanda trip in 2019, stunned us with her photography skills and is now a featured highlight on some of our upcoming trips to Africa. Jennifer had a career in corporate finance but her passion for wildlife and love for travel led her to explore the world of photography. She is bringing to light the issues many wildlife species are facing with her outstanding photos of these beautiful animals in their natural environment. 

Giraffe in the wild with the text: Learn about our trips to Botswana

Jennifer won the judge’s choice award from the North American Nature Photography Association’s annual contest. She also has her own website. Follow her on social media to see what fascinating animals she captures next!

Jennifer is delighted to offer Five Photography Tips that she personally uses and that she knows will help you to move your photography to the next level.


1. Take the photo on “live mode” on your iPhone:

This trick lets you capture moments that happen 1.5 seconds before and after you take the picture. What you can do with “live mode:”

Long Exposure:

When it’s taken you can add the feature of long exposure which focuses on time and movement of the picture. It’s located on the top left corner of your iPhone

Live Loop:  

turn a live photo into a video loop


creates a rocking, back and forth effect on your live photo

“Really cool for waterfalls or flowing water!”

flowing water taken with camera

2. Download the app, Hyperlapse:

This app, created by Instagram helps with video shots on hyperspeed. For instance,  if you want to record a shot for a long time, you can speed it up so the shot is much shorter to watch. It also has different kinds of speeds for your desired need. An alternative for android users is Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile.

“I’ve used it a lot in national parks or on winding roads”

– Jennifer
cute racoon holding camera phone in the wild

3.  Download the Camera + 2 app:

It is not that expensive at  $7.99. It allows you to shoot on raw, allowing you to edit in Lightroom later. It has other amazing features like shooting at night and doing macro photography (close-up shoots like plants and insects). You can also add the burst mode feature, which allows you to take a bunch of pictures at once so that you don’t miss any of the action happening around you. 

“People would never know you aren’t using a professional camera!”

– Jennifer

4. Download Snapseed:

It’s a really good app for quick editing and is very easy and friendly to use. Here are some nice features to edit your photos:

  • Opens Jpg and RAW files
  • 29 tools and filters to include tuning, brush, glamour glow, HDR scape, double exposure, and face enhance to name a few
  • Precise control

“It’s very easy to use right out of the box”

– Jennifer
before and after using snapseed settings

5. Use the Wide-Angle Feature of the iPhone to Your Advantage: 

The regular camera feature has a very wide-angle, even more so than other cameras, and is great for taking landscape photos. If you are zooming in and want a close-up of something, the wide-angle feature is really useful for this. So if you are a fan of puddle photography, this tip is going to do wonders for you.

“I have a 12-24 fisheye lens but if I’m doing landscapes, I will use my iPhone!”

– Jennifer

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